Matt Ralph/Music /Finding Out


Finding Out

(c) mattralph 2012

Try to forget,

Cigarette as I fumble

Ash on the sheets

Watch it fall watch it crumble

Black on my face and there’s sweat on my pillow

I try hard to sleep

Close my eyes

Close the window

Finding out is the hardest thing

Sends your heart racing down, down, down

Lay me out

So I can’t feel a thing

Knock me out

Put me under

My mind repeats

Half asleep the door opens

My heart skips a beat like a crash in slow motion

A kiss on the cheek

You don’t speak

Keep your eyes low

A light on the street

Pulls away past the window


I’m drowning in sand

I’m burning but I don’t feel a thing

I try to see all of the good things around me

I take myself out on the street to think clearly

I jump on the first bus I see

What am I doing

I crash

Head on glass

I don’t care

Just keep moving

Written By: Matt Ralph