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Rehearsal with Nadene and Steve

Tonight Steve, Nadene and I had a fantastic play through of our set for Monday night at the TRS launch, with violin and viola. We played together for the first time at The Sando and it was a great combination. Now, with a good idea about how to approach each song, it will be a real treat to do the gig together on Monday.

Nadene gave Steve and I a sneak preview of her new album which we were blown away by. When it is all ready, she will be launching it, so as soon as I know I’ll post the details. It is amazing and really inspiring, so I can’t wait!

Yesterday we rehearsed for the Chronic Ills of Robert Zimmerman with Simon Rippingale on his guitar and it really transformed the scenes with rhythm and feels, and it gave us all so many new ideas, so we are all on a high with the way it is coming together.

We had a photo shoot for the play today, and it was really fun to get kitted out and duck down the alley next to the Old Fitzroy Theatre. Dan was really happy with the shots of Lenni and I, so we are all looking forward to seeing the them and also what he does with them as far as the images for the poster and program shots.

I hope you don’t mind me sharing a few photos and images I’ve taken in the last few days. Here’s a few…

p03-04-09_160902                           .p03-04-09_1647

                                                                 p01-04-09_1128       p03-04-09_2237

Written By: Matt Ralph