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Few more days before we open the play

Things have been getting pretty busy but fun. We have been working on finding the best music for the play, which we have decided on and now are working out the arrangements. Will, from Boston, which is a fantastic fashion store on Belmore Rd in Randwick, was amazingly generous the other day and literally offered what ever clothes we needed to dress Bob Dylan and other characters for the play. Happy to say Bob looks pretty dapper now, which I was really hoping he would. If you can get in to discover Boston, I have a feeling you will love his clothes. He has a whole range himself, which he creates with top fabrics and just does small runs of them. I really admire people who create their own clothes and are living their dream. So that was a really positive thing to happen for the play, and it is all coming together, so if you can make it along, we open this Monday the 11th.

Written By: Matt Ralph