Matt Ralph/Music /Wow! Good night and Godspeed to our Zimmerman play.


Wow! Good night and Godspeed to our Zimmerman play.

Last night we had our closing show of The Chronic-Ills of Robert Zimmerman and we all had such an amazing time. We all stayed till the end playing songs on the deck on the Old Fitzroy, with Si on bass andFrank Bennet blitzing the guitar with Elvis Costello and Frank tunes, not to mention a whole lot of Bob! The night before Steve came with his violin and we jammed out for a couple of hours before the show, playing a whole new set of Dylan songs that this production has given me an excuse to learn. If we could do that on a regular basis, it would be fantastic. I’ll have to talk to the Old Fitz about doing just that. Everyone is pretty inspired to see the show live on, which is great news, so we’ll see what happens. I’ll definitely have time up my sleeve now, which I suppose is a good thing, so I’m looking forward to posting some new songs and making up a few new fun film clips… all those things that keep me busy in the witching hours. I’ll definitely keep you “posted” re any future plans for the play and also any gigs. Thanks if you managed to get along to see the play. I hope you enjoyed our Chronic Ills. Lug out of the theatre ahead today. Fun, fun!


Written By: Matt Ralph