Matt Ralph/Music /Lenni Munro at The Basement on Mon 17th Aug


Lenni Munro at The Basement on Mon 17th Aug

Lenni has asked Simon and I to join her for her set of songs as part of an all female line-up at The Basement on Monday the 17th of August. It’s going to be fun and I’m looking forward to joining her on her songs. Speaking of working with Lenni and Si, there is word that we will be work shopping The Chronic-Ills of Robert Zimmerman at the end of September, so that is very exciting. I must be ready for it cause I’ve been wearing my Dylan tight jeans for the last few days. Here is one of the songs I compiled for Steve. They are all pretty raw, but have a listen if you are interested. It’s called Too Concerned.
Too Concerned
Too Concerned
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Written By: Matt Ralph