Played a very relaxing set of my songs at The Rec Hall at Parramatta UWS today. It was sunny and sounded pretty good due to a set of new mic cables. On my way home I dropped my guitar into The Guitar Factory for a few weeks. Ouch! The neck had split at the top near the head, due to rough handling on the plane. Luckily I have a Hiscock flight case! I’m going to get the action lowered a bit whilst it’s there and get a bit of a set up done. The Guitar Factory have the best repairers working for them, so it’s good hands.
The other night I included a file factory player on the right side of my site, which has a recording of all my songs. They are not definitive by any stretch but if you are interested you will get a good idea of them. Working on a new one at the moment which I’ll post soon.