Matt Ralph/Music /Yes You Can


Yes You Can


words/music (c) matt ralph 2012

You can run,

You can cry,

Call it out,

Question why,

You can run with the flag,

You can dance in the fire,

You can wait through it all,

Like you’re caught in the wind,

And there’s no where to run,

And there’s no way to win,

You can look for the light,

You can love you can laugh,

Find a path through the dark,

If you sit still enough,

You can smile and be sweet with a dog at your feet,

With a child in your arms and he’s warm and asleep,

You can rattle the cage or just wait for the feed,

You can take what you get,

Or you can get what you need,

You can muster a cry like a call in the field,

Or just watch it go by,

Let it roll like a wheel,

You can doubt what they say,

You can choose to believe,

You can turn it up loud,

Take it out on the street,

You can sweat it all out,

Trying to save what you can,

Or you can leave it behind on the road to the land,

You can organize,

You can work as a team,

You can fight for a cause,

Or you can just let it be,

You can join in the park with your message to push,

You can step out of line,

Don’t it make you feel good,

Yes you can,

Just let it all out til it all ends,

Yes you can,

Just let it all out til it all ends,

You can sell it all out for your mercenary fee,

You can fight for the rich,

You can fight for the weak,

You can measure things up just a step at a time,

Or you can just let it out,

Let it roll,

Let it ride,

You can bite your tongue,

You can turn your cheek,

You can hide in silence and mind what you speak,

You can block it all out,

You can choose not to see,

Tell yourself you’ve no voice,

No beliefs and no need,

You can search for the truth,

And then reconcile,

You can work for peace or making young children smile,

You can spend your time educating their minds,

You can teach them to think,

Or just to toe the line,

You can join the forces and enjoy the parade,

You can take their commands,

You can do what they say,

You can follow the masses,

Trying hard to be missed,

Lying low,

Take no chances,

Trying to stay off their lists,

You can seek to surrender and leave things to chance,

You can stop to discover and turn back to ask,

You can leave yourself open and trust you can shine,

You can walk on to freedom,

You can cross that line,

You can play hard to conquer,

Working hard to survive,

Lay it out on the table,

Do it all to provide,

You can build up a fortune and the question it all,

You can leave it behind in a moment of pause,

You can change your direction or stick to your guns,

You can lead the resistance,

You can be the one,

You can get things to change with a petition to sign,

You can make it all happen,

You can make this the time,

You can bury the truth,

You can bury your plans,

You can just let them rot,

Let them waste where they stand,

You can plant a new garden starting just with a seed,

It may just be a thought,

But it could soon be a tree,

Yes you can,

Just let it all out til it all ends,

Yes you can,

Just let it all out til it all ends,

Written By: Matt Ralph