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Rocking Chair

I can take it for a while Invitations Another reason to smile But sometimes I need a passage out Just a chance to get some air Where I can work things out Sitting in my rocking chair My rocking chair School reunion I let pass me by I bought the ticket and I’d booked the […]

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Music Videos

Click on the title to see the clip. Special thanks to actor, Sarah McGlade.  Safe Place to Fall Here is a slide show to Waiting for the Country. Waiting for the Country This is a live performance at The Old Fitzroy Hotel with Lenni Munro on backing vocals and Stephen Ralph on violin. Finding Out […]

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Instruments and gear used

My acoustic guitar is a Maton Australian Series AE80. My nylon string guitar was bought about 12 years ago in a Chinese second hand shop in Perth for $30. I have a fishman pick up installed into it. My recording gear includes two legend studio instrument condenser mics for guitar as well as a Studio […]

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