Matt Ralph/Music (Page 67)



[audio mp3=""][/audio] words/music (c) matt ralph 2007 Kiaora, Kiaora, Well my sister's driving out singing, Kiaora, And the mountains seem to shout it, Kiaora, Kiaora, I'm swinging on the bridge, Walking on the ridge, Singing Kiaora, Kiaora, Ten years have come and gone, Before you know it, It's been too long, When the tarmac hits my feet, I hear that song, I feel that beat, Singing Kiaora, Kiaora, And I'm back here again, Singing Kiaora, By the fire at The Mussel Inn, Singing Kiaora, Feather in my hand, In this sacred land, Singing Kiaora, When I wake in Henny's van, I double take, Cause...