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Recording from the Basement in January

Lenni Munro, who performed her own stunning set and sung with me on my tunes, has just passed on to me  the live recording from our January date at The Basement together. Chris, who engineers the sound there, and who does such an awesome job, put together a CD of the night and I’m stoked with the tones, levels and atmosphere that he has captured. I am currently in the process of working with him on a couple of songs from that night which I will hopefully  be able to post soon as it is not often I get to play such a beautiful piano and have Lenni and Michael’s harmonies all at once.

As far as the weekend of music went, it was a lot of fun with Laura and Emma making it to Botany for our Waterworks duo gig with Steve on violin. We met a great couple, and the girl was a great singer and guitarist, just touring with Adam Brand, and she played for a us some of her songs, which were fantastic! If you want to her some of her songs her myspace link is