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Kalamunda Mentals support

Recently I was in Kalamunda and I was asked if I was interested in supporting Mental as Anything for the 1st weekend in March. I was stoked of course, as they have always been a great Australian band, and I had never seen them live. They were fantastic and everyone had a great night. It was a really fun gig to play, being outdoors as the sun was setting and playing on a great sound system. I had a pretty upbeat set list as far as my tunes go, and I felt that it went down pretty well- using my stompbox to drive the songs along, meaning I could just relax and enjoy the vibe.

Anyway back to Sydney town and have a few gigs this weekend. I’ve got an early set at the  East Leagues Club from 4:30 til 7:30 in Bondi Junction tomorrow (Friday 6th March) and the Nags Head in Glebe on Saturday night (7th March) from 8:30 til late.

If you can make it along to any of them, come up and say Hi.

Kalamunda trip


Phil Bebb and I at The Kalamunda Hotel

Phil Bebb and I at The Kalamunda Hotel



Kalamunda was awesome. I had my first gig at The Kalamunda Hotel, which thanks to my good friend Phil Bebb, who brought an awesome P.A. not to mention his beautiful family, as well as my family and friends turning up and some great weather, plus a very friendly management team who made us feel very welcome, it was a fantastic afternoon! It was also great that Phil joined me on guitar for a number of songs as we used to play together in a band in highschool. My mate who played drums for our band and who I haven’t seen for over 15 years came along too, so that was awesome to see him and catch up on all his news. 

On the music front I managed to spend the time revisiting a number of songs which have been on the back burner for quite a long time and I’m looking forward to recording and posting them soon.

Whilst I was there The Kalamunda Hotel were very happy to announce that Mental as Anything were going to be playing there on the 2nd of March. They asked if I would come to support them, which is great news, as they were icons of my Kalamunda years and I am very much looking forward to meeting them and catching up with my friends again.

My parents spoilt me as always with roast dinners and irish beer, and letting me annoy their neighbours with loud strumming in the back room so thanks Ma and Pa xx

Sunday Session at The Kalamunda Hotel, W.A. on the 15th of Feb

I’m really happy to say that I am playing at a Sunday session at the Kalamunda Hotel in Feb. That is my home town and it will be great to catch up with my friends from there, have a few drinks, and be close my folks house. I’m sure I’ll be getting a ride home in the old kombi anyway. I’m really excited about heading back pretty regularly, even just for a few days, to write and work on material as well as catch up with family.
For so many years now I have been meaning to play a Sunday session at the Hotel. It is one of my favorites, with so many memories, and will be a great excuse to catch up with some friends. That was a great time and we made the most of the local halls and easy renting protocols, until they sadly banned our band, Double Vision from the shire. If you are in Perth and can make it to the hills, I’ll be playing from about 4 til 7.