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Perth in June

It was a really great night on Friday at the Little Creatures Loft Bar. The Kirben played first. They are a combination of Kirsty and Ben and really set an upbeat mood, with their excellent rhythm section and brass. Their set was really well received and their were quite a few people in the Loft Bar. I caught up with my friends Claudia and Marina, who I haven’t seen for about 12 years and also Phil Bebb, so it was great to see them.
My set was quite a bit different to Kirben, but the audience were very kind and were happy to embrace a change of mood. Scottie (Mister) joined me for quite a few of my numbers and then I joined him for his set. Usually Dave (Sunbird) and Mister appear together but Dave was on a surfing trip so Friday night was a bit different to their usual set but changes always have something to offer and it all was cranking and a mix of sounds and instruments with Jay having a new bass rig, and Scottie on his banjo and guitar. Scottie broke a string so he used my guitar, which gave me a chance to have a listen from out the front, and have a drink with Jen Kean, who I’d seen on the other side of the country the night before. I would have liked to stay on, and catch up on a few drinks, but I was driving up to Kalamunda so that was it. Just been having a relaxing time in the hills since then and learning all the tree and plant names and rocks that I have seen everyday, but realized I did not know their names. I head back to Sydney tomorrow to start rehearsing for the Basement gig in a few weeks.