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Perth in June

It was a really great night on Friday at the Little Creatures Loft Bar. The Kirben played first. They are a combination of Kirsty and Ben and really set an upbeat mood, with their excellent rhythm section and brass. Their set was really well received and their were quite a few people in the Loft Bar. I caught up with my friends Claudia and Marina, who I haven’t seen for about 12 years and also Phil Bebb, so it was great to see them.
My set was quite a bit different to Kirben, but the audience were very kind and were happy to embrace a change of mood. Scottie (Mister) joined me for quite a few of my numbers and then I joined him for his set. Usually Dave (Sunbird) and Mister appear together but Dave was on a surfing trip so Friday night was a bit different to their usual set but changes always have something to offer and it all was cranking and a mix of sounds and instruments with Jay having a new bass rig, and Scottie on his banjo and guitar. Scottie broke a string so he used my guitar, which gave me a chance to have a listen from out the front, and have a drink with Jen Kean, who I’d seen on the other side of the country the night before. I would have liked to stay on, and catch up on a few drinks, but I was driving up to Kalamunda so that was it. Just been having a relaxing time in the hills since then and learning all the tree and plant names and rocks that I have seen everyday, but realized I did not know their names. I head back to Sydney tomorrow to start rehearsing for the Basement gig in a few weeks.

A few new interesting websites

Anth from Joomlabamboo, who actually created this great website/space for me to share my music, news and ideas, put me on to a very interesting site today. It’s called hobnox. Here is the link…hobnox
It is a music site with audio tools to create music as well as create a profile. I am not really sure how to use it but I did set up a profile at this address
Check out the site if you are curious.
The other one I came across today is called Behance. It is a profile site for creative types but seems to have an emphasis on helping creatives achieve their goals. Here is the link…Behance
Tomorrow night I am performing a song for The 5 Chefs dinner at The Four Seasons. It is a major fundraising event for the Starlight Children’s Foundation. I will be performing with Lenni and Taline in our role of Captain Starlight, where we spend time in hospitals entertaining the children.
Then it is off to Little Creatures the next day for my gig with Mister. Should be fun!
Here is a still from the Behance site showing an example of a layout…

In Fremantle for a Creatures Loft gig with Mister this Friday

If you are free this Friday night, and can make it to Freo, Mister and I are going to play at The Little Creatures Loft Bar. Really looking forward to it. It will be a solo set for me but Mister will have his cranking band. It will be so great to be back in Freo and drinking their beers straight from the source. The venue is fantastic and it is always a fun night when we play there. We should kick off around 8pm. Hope to see you there!
If you would like to check out Mister’s myspace, his music is awesome. Here is the link. Mister
And here is one of his photos…