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TRS Launch of Fragments from the Fringe

The Tamarama Rock Surfers launched their 2009-10 season last night at the Oxford Arts Factory in Darlinghurst. The Season is called Fragments from the Fringe and is a fantastic achievement in recognizing the work and mounting nearly all new Australian work, found in the fringes…either geographically or socially etc..
There was a real appreciation of how much effort and time goes into running and continuing to grow a small independent theatre company, and everyone there last night showed their support and thanks.

My band were lucky enough to be part of the line up, and we had great time playing. The stage and sound were all really well set up and operated and the word was that it sounded great out front. Si played his double bass and Steve and Nadene played their violin and viola. One comment was that it was nice to see all the instruments were strings. Lenni sung beautifully as usual and our generally we were more rehearsed with clearer ending etc.. with Si taking care of count ins and endings.
It was awesome to see Holly Austin playing with Fergus Brown and Lauren Horton. She is so talented with her singing, keyboards, beat boxing and drums and both the band’s music was really layered and dynamic.
There are some great pics from the night which I will post when they come through.

On a Chronic Ills of Robert Zimmerman note, we had a read of Benitos new draft tonight and it is really fantastic. We talked about the music with Si, and are ready to get our lines down and start moving it once we get together again. We might possibly have a fundraiser, or even start busking to raise some funds for the costume, props and things. One thing we talked about was doing a little gig in the pub before each show, which would be really great to warm us up and get everyone in the mood. It should all be fun.
Here’s a few images from the last few days.