Matt Ralph/Music /Rise Up


Rise Up

words & music (c) matt ralph 2019

When I’m strung out, out of my body,

And yesterday is just a blur,

When today is just a race,

And tomorrow’s already over,

I want to break free and make time,

Take my self out for an hour,

And though it might test me in the break line,

It’s in there that I feel the power,

And when my mind just can’t think clearly,

And my heart won’t seem to rest,

And my struggles seem never ending,

And in my own home I feel like a guest,

I need to break free and see that,

I have something to give,

And I can set things in motion and I can feel that,

When the waves rise up and lift

Rise up rise up rise

When I’m out on the ocean,

And my troubles I’ve left behind,

Well I look back to shore and I see them,

But they’re only half of their size,

And I wish I could stay there forever,

But I know that it has its time,

And it’s not that I want to surrender,

It’s just that I don’t want to fight,

I want to rise up, rise up, rise

Written By: Matt Ralph