Matt Ralph/Music /Colours in Air


Colours in Air

words & music (c) matt ralph

I’m  a traveller on the river
I pick up songs on the way
They take me Rollin like water
Through the memories of my day
Like the time that I was swimming
To Steve Miller with my friends
When I hear The Joker
I’m back the again

Someone told me once that I’m addicted to music
But I don’t care
Give me some music and I’ll use it
Cause if I need a reason for magic everywhere
I Just listen to my music
And there’s colours in the air

And when my sister brought that tape player back for me
And I put on my headphones and pressed play on queen
I was standing in our garden
My head began to spin
And I walked up the road alone
And knew my life would begin

And when my brought back a tape of sunny boys
Well I’d hear it in the mornings as I packed away my toys
And I was ready
I was listening to all they had to say
Their words of experience
And what might come my way

I was raised when the radio was playing Duran Duran
And there was Culture Club and Violent Femmes and Drum machine bands
But my girlfriend was different
She liked Billy Brag
So lay there to The Specials, The Clash, The Cure and The Jam

And still then all my memories
Were deep within the tracks
Of Dixie and the Midnight Runners on my first school camp
I was kissing on the river to A Smooth Operator
Singing on the bus back home
One Bourban, One Scotch and One Beer

At my son’s assembly in his little new school hall
And they’re playing feeling groovy and wonder wall
And everybody’s singing and everyone belongs
They all love the music
They all love the songs

And as I close my eyes and I speed my bonnie boat
And I travel up the river into starry skies I float
See boxes on the hillside
Hear Sad Lisa in my mind
And I’m fourteen in my doorway
To Dire Straits Telegraph Line

Written By: Matt Ralph