Matt Ralph/Music /Out of the Darkness


Out of the Darkness

words & music (c) matt ralph 2006

Come all you lost souls,

Don’t be afraid,

There’s more of us lost souls,

Than there are days,

We’ve all tasted it,

We’ve all drunk that wine,

Maybe it’s you now,

Trying to find your way out,

Out of the darkness,

Been sleeping too long,

I’m gonna wake to find,

I can’t walk away,

From what’s inside,

Love’s a stranger to no one,

Love is endless and whole,

Love can climb any mountain,

Love can bring you home,

Out of the darkness,

Can you relate to no escape,

And each place that you find,

You’re not there anyhow,

But into that darkness,

I see a shimmering hand,

It’s reaching out for you,

I’m gonna be it if I can,

Out of the darkness

Written By: Matt Ralph