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Rehearsals for the Basement gig on Monday

Had a great practice with Si the other night, and we worked out what songs we want to play. Si is going to join me just on guitar to begin with, which we’ve never done before, and then we’ll build the band up. We’re looking forward to it! Tomorrow Nadene, Steve and I are working out the string parts for the songs and then hopefully we’ll get all together on the weekend. Kitch from The Scarletts has sent me through a Facebook invite for it, which will be good to pass on, but I’ll create my own for my own friends too. If you would like to be invited to any events and I do not have your contact, just shoot me through an email using the contact page on my site.
I have been quite busy with a few other areas of music this week, sending in an application form to sit my grade 7 AMEB exam on classical guitar, and also updating my Under the Treehouse recordings, now that I have them mastered. The play list on the right of the page are all updated, not that you will probably notice, but they are a bit better EQ’d.
p.s. I’ve posted a few more photos on the right column and here a few more…p08-06-09_162402

Written By: Matt Ralph