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Basement Gig Last Night

It was great to play last night with the boys. Thanks to everyone that could make it down. Molly Contogeorge was fantastic and a lovely songwriter as well as singer and pianist. The crowd were very warmed by her performance and loved her. Roger Lock played a powerful set of amazing guitar, vocal and rhythmic dynamics with very personal songs. Excellent to see and hear. Our band were more rehearsed than we have ever been and that is very exciting. We were able to get some changes of feel and swells in the songs, as well as some great violin instrumentals from Steve. Justine Martin closed the night with amazing charm and joy. She lit up the stage and the crowd with her stories and dedications and captivating melodic songs on keyboards with a guest guitarist who was very fine and tight. Thanks to Chris for his excellent sound and light engineering and being
Off to a gig for Ultimo Tafe now and then I’m going to record my tunes as a reference, so should be a fun day. Our next big thing is on the 29th of August at The Old Fitzroy hotel, upstairs. We should get in quite a few rehearsals for that, and we’ll have Lenni and Nadene back, so that will be the bomb!

Written By: Matt Ralph