Matt Ralph/Music /Merry Xmas


Merry Xmas

words/music © matt ralph 2001

If that’s what you want to say then fine,

I’ll take a cab from the front door and say so long lover,

It’s been a rough time,

It’s been a big year,

And now you’re telling me on Xmas eve that’s it’s no longer,

Well couldn’t you’ve waited for the new year,

I won’t pretend that I thought it was for the long haul,

You know I loved how we used to take it day by day,

But just when I thought it was going to be a good Xmas,

You had to bring it up,

All that well where do we go from here deal,

So Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year,

I think what you’re giving me is perfectly clear,

But it’s such a bad time for you to take away,

My fantasies and dreams of us both in love,

You know I’ve always loved Xmas,

Haven’t had a bad one yet,

You know I love the decorations and sentimental things like that,

But I see the sad eyed girls in the park,

And I think it’s such a bad time to break away,

You know I’ve always felt that,

Now I’m getting it out of my system with my own Xmas song,

But it could have been a happy one,

Could have been about a flight of stairs with a nesting bird,

Singing an ancient song,

With those tiny eggs hatching to the break of light,

As we came dancing home,

You know I want to sing for you,

But this ain’t about what I want,


You were just cleaning out your cupboards,

And I was on the list of things that had to go,

So Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year,

I think what I got,

Is just what you wanted,

But it’s such a bad time to be in the park,

Looking like the sad eyed girls that you see a lot,

Round this time of year


Written By: Matt Ralph