Rehearsals for Sando with Simon Cant

It’s been a fun few evenings lately, rehearsing with Simon Cant for Wednesday night at the Sando. I’m really looking forward to playing that night for lots of reasons. Firstly it will be the first time Simon and I have ever performed anything together ( even though we have been playing on the street and loungeroom together for quite a few years), secondly Michael Griffiths, who joined me with some great harmonies with Lenni at the Basement, will also be playing with Lenni and I at The Sando, and thirdly Nadene Pita, who as you may know is an awesome singer and viola player is joining Stephen Ralph on violin to play together with me. 

This is a poster for Wednesday night featuring Simon Cant.sisando

Thanks to Laura

It was a great night at The Clovelly Hotel last night, thanks to Laura, Emma and their friends holidaying from Israel. It was such a nice experience to play for them and their support was very appreciated. Towards the end of the night, there was quite a chilled out atmosphere which meant that I was able to play quite a few songs that I don’t normally feel comfortable playing. Laura took quite a few a few pics, including this one which is great to be able to post. She also steered a few punters away from the requests wagon, which was awesome. So thanks Laura x

Clovelly Hotel on Friday 6th of Feb

Well it feels like it was a big week, with the heat and a few late gigs in a row. Brett Hunt asked me to cover his residency at The Sando in Newtown on Thursday night and it was a really enjoyable gig. Steve joined me on violin which was a treat.
Last night was Clovelly and I got to try out my new speakers. Happy to say they sounded great. Clear and a nice bass without being boomy. It was quite a busy night and an excellent atmosphere. It will be great playing there again next Fri the 6th.

Calendar of Up and Coming Gigs

I thought it could be a good idea to post this google calendar, which is automatically updated with all my future gig dates. We’ll give it a try!