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New Lyric, Songs, videos and Calendar Pages

Just letting you know I have added a few pages to my site.  The tabs are up the top. I’ve posted  a few recordings and lyrics, as well as a some clips and also a calendar of up and coming gigs.  I’m looking forward to adding and updating them  and I’ll post a short note to let you know  as I do. Hope you can check it out.



Back into the New Year and into some recording

Thanks to Anth from, I have this great site which he has set up for me to share my music with you. It has really inspired me to get back to start the new year with some recording sessions. I set up my gear late tonight, – which is always the way, and put down the first of a collection of nine songs, which I’m calling “Family”.  My friend, Simon, has made the cover design for me and it looks  like this…



Here is the track I recorded tonight, “Say Goodbye”. I hope you like it. 

Say Goodbye
Say Goodbye

The Nowra Teaclub Sunday Session on 11th Jan 2009

I am really looking forward to heading to Nowra on the weekend to perform at The TeaClub. It is such a picturesque garden with a very relaxed atmosphere. I came across it recently on a regional tour for The Starlight Childern’s Foundation and planned the return trip, just to play at this great venue. I will take some photos of the garden and stage. On our way there we plan to spend a night at the Bush Bank, which is one of the nicest properties I have seen. It is just out of Kiama and is nestled in a small valley among the trees, with grassy paddocks running down to the cliffs. I have often passed it and only recently happily became aware that it was a bed and breakfast. If you can make it to The Teaclub performance on Sunday, the address is 46 Berry Street, Nowra NSW (ph 02 4422 0900). Entry is free and I will be playing in the afternoon from about 2pm.

Rocking Chair

I can take it for a while
Another reason to smile
But sometimes I need a passage out
Just a chance to get some air
Where I can work things out
Sitting in my rocking chair
My rocking chair

School reunion I let pass me by
I bought the ticket and I’d booked the flight
I really wanted to be there
See some people from that time
But as it is I let it go
I just sat there rocking slow
In my rocking chair

My rocking chair

I’m sinking into my wishing well
I’m floating on my fortune pool
I’m waiting for my mind to ride

I’m waiting

come take me

I’m shifting into another time
Cause I remember things well
When I’m in my own world
In my rocking chair

My rocking chair