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Notes night of Buckley

I’ve just got back from hosting Karen Rose’s Jeff Buckley tribute night at Notes on Enmore Rd, Newtown, and even though it is late and I should be in bed, I am still on a high from all the great singing and support for the night. Notes is a fantastic new live music venue and I think it is a great sign that more and more people are returning to live music (and theatre) as their choice for a night out. The new licenses for cafes and wine bars allowing them to have live music is bound to put live entertainment back on the map in a big way. I was listening to a recording artist from Denmark (the country) not the awesome town in South W.A. and he was saying that the live music scene is absolutely dead apart from the commercial material. It made me appreciate the opportunities we have in Sydney to play and enjoy seeing live acts. We still have a long way to go before we are up with Melbourne’s love and support for the live scene, but if a major new state of the art venue like Notes can open it’s doors each night, as well as the Oxford Arts Factory, The Basement, The Vanguard, The Brass Monkey, The Gaelic Club, not to mention the Metro, Enmore Theatre, The Annandale, The Hopetoun and Sonar at Luna Park, as well as a whole host of others, there must be quite a lot of people out there choosing to see bands! I was keen to host the night as it was a great opportunity to see a lot of awesome singers in one hit. The beautiful singer from the US, Gregory Page is in town touring with Steve Poltz, and he sung for the nights. He also has a date at The Basement on the 25th of June. I also have a Basement opportunity coming up which I shall probably know more about and post some info about, tomorrow. image_0011