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Rehearsals for Sando with Simon Cant

It’s been a fun few evenings lately, rehearsing with Simon Cant for Wednesday night at the Sando. I’m really looking forward to playing that night for lots of reasons. Firstly it will be the first time Simon and I have ever performed anything together ( even though we have been playing on the street and loungeroom together for quite a few years), secondly Michael Griffiths, who joined me with some great harmonies with Lenni at the Basement, will also be playing with Lenni and I at The Sando, and thirdly Nadene Pita, who as you may know is an awesome singer and viola player is joining Stephen Ralph on violin to play together with me. 

This is a poster for Wednesday night featuring Simon Cant.sisando

Upstairs Sando this Wed (18th March)



Lenni Munro, Simon Cant and I are performing together for the first time this Wednesday night in the upstairs band room at The Sando in Newtown. We are also joined by Andrew P Street, who we are lucky to have performing a set for us. Simon Cant and I will be singing a number of Simon’s songs to open the night and I am really looking forward to this. He is a fantastic songwriter and singer and his songs really suit the harmony lines we have worked out, so I can’t wait!
Next up will be Andrew P Street, who I am really looking forward to hearing. It is a night of original music so it is always good to hear someone new (to me at least).
Lenni will be performing a set of her amazing songs and then joining me for a set of my tunes with Stephen Ralph on violin.

Hope you can make it.

The Harold Park and The Sando this week

It has been a busy week…and hot! It was great to hear Jess Chalker with her band and of course Lenni Munro with Michael Griffiths for our Monday night gig at The Basement. Thanks to everyone that made it there. It was a real treat to be able to play some of my quiet and intimate songs with Lenni in such a supportive space. Michael joined us on piano and harmonies which was a highlight for me in the night. Looking forward to playing there again, hopefully around May.

I’ve got a few opportunities to play this week. On Sunday (25th Jan) at The Harold Park in Glebe (70A Ross St, Glebe Ph: (02)9660 4745) I’ll be playing from 4 til 6.

On Thursday (29th Jan), Brett Hunt has asked me to cover his residency for the week at The Sandringham Hotel (Sando) on King St, Newtown. I’ll be playing from around 8:30 til 11 and it’s one of my favourite places to play so thanks Brett!

Also this week I had the pleasure of seeing my great friends, Mr Percival, bring his solo show to the Basement with comedian Tommy G. His energy and joy is always so infectious and everyone in the room was on a massive high. He is supporting Mahalia Barnes in early Feb on Friday the 6th so you can see him there at The Basement again then if you get the chance.