Tech Rehearsal for The Chronic-Ills

Just got back from a busy day of everyone piecing everything together for our run. The set looks great and the lighting with the hazer is very intimate and friendly. Really looking forward to this Tuesday when we preview. It’s all set for a great season, I do believe!


song recordings

Last Wednesday I recorded quite a few songs and have updated them on my playlist and song pages. The songs I have updated are… up to you, misery, fool for love, Araluen, yes you can, Chrissy’s fire, safe place to fall, orange lady, running back, say goodbye, time to be free, all i wanted was you, too concerned, rockin’ chair, merry xmas, cycle, child, angel, rivers and valleys and happiness. I hope you like them. They are just on guitar.

Awesome time last night at Mocean. Look out for Taline there next week…the 19th March

Had a great night last night. Thanks to everyone that could make it down. Lenni and I had heaps of fun and ended up playing a very very long set. But we got some fine drawings of Dylan for our competition to win tickets for play. Start rehearsals again tomorrow. Thinking about updating some recordings too. All in the name of fun x