Fundraiser a great night

Thanks to everyone that made our Zimmerman fundraiser such a great success. We ended up raising over $1200 and that will definitely cover a lot of our travel costs down to Adelaide. As you probably know, we have had to book the theatre, find accommodation and cover our travel etc and as it is a co op and there are hundreds of other plays showing, it could be quite an expensive tour, so your help has been so appreciated. Hope you get a chance to see our Sydney season in March x

Great day in rehearsals

Great day in rehearsals, originally uploaded by mattkralph.

Lucy, Andy and i spent the day in the Old Fitzroy theatre working on scenes and also working out transport options. Lots of fun. Also lots to work on. Got our fund raiser on Thursday night. Got a great band together and plan tk play alot of Dylan songs… And ours. Had an amazing response for prizes to raffle off on the night. Will be great. Hope you can make it!