Putting out the word for Sat 29th Aug at The Old Fitzroy

Next Saturday nights gig was first conceived last October in NZ whilst sitting outside in a bath warmed by a fire underneath me, looking up at the stars and thinking about how I would like to play music when I got back to Sydney. I really wanted to find a great space, where people could come and listen, and my band could freely and truely express the songs in a relaxed way. This Saturday night gig will be exactly that and hopefully will be a meaningful and enjoyable night for everyone. I have a strong affection and connection to The Old Fitzroy Hotel, so am really looking forward to playing there. It would be really appreciated if you could spread the word about this performance. The entry is donation only and we will be playing from just after 8 til late. Hope to see you there! x
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Songs to hear

It has taken a few nights, but I’ve finished writing up my lyrics and including them on my site.
Now it’s time to start playing my guitar!
This is photo taken on the way to Golden Bay in NZ.

Played a lunchtime gig for Parramatta UWS and dropped my guitar in to The Guitar Factory

Played a very relaxing set of my songs at The Rec Hall at Parramatta UWS today. It was sunny and sounded pretty good due to a set of new mic cables. On my way home I dropped my guitar into The Guitar Factory for a few weeks. Ouch! The neck had split at the top near the head, due to rough handling on the plane. Luckily I have a Hiscock flight case! I’m going to get the action lowered a bit whilst it’s there and get a bit of a set up done. The Guitar Factory have the best repairers working for them, so it’s good hands.
The other night I included a file factory player on the right side of my site, which has a recording of all my songs. They are not definitive by any stretch but if you are interested you will get a good idea of them. Working on a new one at the moment which I’ll post soon.

Lenni Munro at The Basement on Mon 17th Aug

Lenni has asked Simon and I to join her for her set of songs as part of an all female line-up at The Basement on Monday the 17th of August. It’s going to be fun and I’m looking forward to joining her on her songs. Speaking of working with Lenni and Si, there is word that we will be work shopping The Chronic-Ills of Robert Zimmerman at the end of September, so that is very exciting. I must be ready for it cause I’ve been wearing my Dylan tight jeans for the last few days. Here is one of the songs I compiled for Steve. They are all pretty raw, but have a listen if you are interested. It’s called Too Concerned.
Too Concerned
Too Concerned
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