Only 4 more shows to go…

Happy to say, the play is going great! It is so much fun to do! Not a huge post cause all I would do is rave on about it. We have 4 more shows this weekend, which we are all looking forward to and are playing music in the bar on Sunday before the show to celebrate Bob Dylan’s Birthday. We played there after the show last night and thanks to John and his friends from Berry enjoying the tunes, not to mention him buying us drinks all night, and then being so generous as to basically pay us for the gig by way of an enormous tip, we ended up playing til close…and getting a cab home! Thanks John… hope to catch up in Berry for a gig sometime soon. (I have to talk to Nick again). Hopefully we will do it all again this weekend. I’m brushing up on a few of my favourite songs to jam to, hopefully with Steve on violin and Si, Lenni and Andy (who does an awesome Johnny Cash… and Radio Head).

The Old Fitzroy Hotel

The Old Fitzroy Hotel

Opening night of the play

We were all on a high for the opening last night, and happy to say the responses were all really positive. We will be running the play for the next two weekends from Friday til Monday. 15th of May til the 18th and 22nd til the 25th. The Friday and Saturday night shows start at 9:30 and the Sunday and Monday shows start at 8pm. If you can make it along or help us spread the word, it would be fantastic! You can find out more about the show and book tickets here. The Chronic-Ills of Robert Zimmerman.
It would be great to get your feedback, if you get to see it.

Few more days before we open the play

Things have been getting pretty busy but fun. We have been working on finding the best music for the play, which we have decided on and now are working out the arrangements. Will, from Boston, which is a fantastic fashion store on Belmore Rd in Randwick, was amazingly generous the other day and literally offered what ever clothes we needed to dress Bob Dylan and other characters for the play. Happy to say Bob looks pretty dapper now, which I was really hoping he would. If you can get in to discover Boston, I have a feeling you will love his clothes. He has a whole range himself, which he creates with top fabrics and just does small runs of them. I really admire people who create their own clothes and are living their dream. So that was a really positive thing to happen for the play, and it is all coming together, so if you can make it along, we open this Monday the 11th.

Busy with rehearsals

Things have been very busy with rehearsals for the Dylan play. Tomorrow Si is bringing his double bass in for 3 runs of the play. The music has been great and we are finding some new and original music for it. We are opening in a week, so this is probably the busiest time, so it’s head down and beats in the feet for the next seven days. Looking forward to sharing it and being part of a play for the next few weeks. Come and see it if you can!