Loft Bar at UTS Wed 25th March

Just a quick note… I’m playing a 2 hour set of my songs in the Loft Bar in Broadway, which is part of UTS, tomorrow, (Wed 25th March) from 5pm. Be great to see you if you can make it.


Wednesday 18th March gigs

Wednesday  was a fun day of music. First up was a day time gig at UNSW in Kensington in their beer garden. I had never been there before and it was great to rock up  to be able to play in such a great outside atmosphere and have Zac looking after the sound so well. 



Then it was time to pick up Si Rippingale and his double bass for our gig at the Sando Upstairs band room. It was great to have such a relaxed and intimate night of music and again have a great sound engineer, Jay, who accommodated all our line up changes so happily. The line up was a treat with Simon Cant singing a really excellent and inspiring set of songs that he really connected to and shared with the audience. Lenni Munro was joined by Michael Griffiths to play her beautiful songs, and they were performed with confidence, commitment and a great combination of Michael’s keys and harmonies.

Lenni and Michael (for a number of songs), then joined Si Rippingale, Nadene Pita and Stephen Ralph and I for a free flowing set of my songs played with this line up for the first time. It flew by and it was so awesome to hear the strings and harmonies come together in so many different ways. Hopefully we can do it again together soon…perhaps at the Rock Surfers Launch in early April.


Busy few days

Well I’ve just got back from a weekend down south to Berkerley and Kiama. I had a few gig down there and stayed at the Buddhist Nan Tien Temple for 2 nights. It is a fantastic place to stay and you can just stop in for the accommodation. I ended up writing a few melodies beside a lake for a few hours after checking out and then had lunch there in their restaurant, which I totally recommend. So thanks to Simon Cant for suggesting I stay there!


Rehearsals for Sando with Simon Cant

It’s been a fun few evenings lately, rehearsing with Simon Cant for Wednesday night at the Sando. I’m really looking forward to playing that night for lots of reasons. Firstly it will be the first time Simon and I have ever performed anything together ( even though we have been playing on the street and loungeroom together for quite a few years), secondly Michael Griffiths, who joined me with some great harmonies with Lenni at the Basement, will also be playing with Lenni and I at The Sando, and thirdly Nadene Pita, who as you may know is an awesome singer and viola player is joining Stephen Ralph on violin to play together with me. 

This is a poster for Wednesday night featuring Simon Cant.sisando