Clovelly Hotel on Friday 6th of Feb

Well it feels like it was a big week, with the heat and a few late gigs in a row. Brett Hunt asked me to cover his residency at The Sando in Newtown on Thursday night and it was a really enjoyable gig. Steve joined me on violin which was a treat.
Last night was Clovelly and I got to try out my new speakers. Happy to say they sounded great. Clear and a nice bass without being boomy. It was quite a busy night and an excellent atmosphere. It will be great playing there again next Fri the 6th.

Calendar of Up and Coming Gigs

I thought it could be a good idea to post this google calendar, which is automatically updated with all my future gig dates. We’ll give it a try!

Sunday Session at The Kalamunda Hotel, W.A. on the 15th of Feb

I’m really happy to say that I am playing at a Sunday session at the Kalamunda Hotel in Feb. That is my home town and it will be great to catch up with my friends from there, have a few drinks, and be close my folks house. I’m sure I’ll be getting a ride home in the old kombi anyway. I’m really excited about heading back pretty regularly, even just for a few days, to write and work on material as well as catch up with family.
For so many years now I have been meaning to play a Sunday session at the Hotel. It is one of my favorites, with so many memories, and will be a great excuse to catch up with some friends. That was a great time and we made the most of the local halls and easy renting protocols, until they sadly banned our band, Double Vision from the shire. If you are in Perth and can make it to the hills, I’ll be playing from about 4 til 7.

Matt Ralph Biography


I spent my first 25 years living in Perth, W.A. playing music and writing songs whilst studying Communications at Murdoch University and Drama at WAAPA.

I currently live in North Bondi, and support my musical habit by entertaining children in hospitals for the Starlight Foundation. 

I am happy to say my band play regularly at The Basement in Sydney, as well as tour interstate including Brisbane and W.A. as well as solo dates in NZ.