Poster for the Basement on the 19th of Jan

Lenni and I got together tonight and created a poster for the Basement gig. We shared the bill there in November and our friend Dan took some shots from the night. It was great to have those photos to use, so thanks Dan x
I am really excited about playing on the grand piano there again. My piano was quite out of tune on a few notes, so I took a bit of time today to try to tune it up. It’s like a aural meditation to try to get all those strings in tune. Definitely a work in progress, but I’m just trying to get my chops up for the 19th. Check out Lenni’s myspace site if you would like to hear her songs. Here is the link.
Here is the poster we came up with.

Counting Sheep ’til we go to Sleep

This weekend The Nowra Teaclub are very keen to support The Starlight Children’s Foundation by selling merchandise including, a recently released lullaby album, Counting Sheep til we go to Sleep. It was a collective project and kindly mastered by Bench Mark for use in the hospitals as a way to settle children down to sleep. I was lucky enough to be involved in the recording and writing of this project and I am proud to say all proceeds from the sale of this CD goes straight to providing services to help seriously ill and hospitalised children and their families. If you would like to purchase one, you can call The Starlight Children’s Foundation on (02) 9437 4311.
Here is track from the CD called Fly Kite Fly.
(Lyrics by Elle Dawe/Matt Ralph, music by Matt Ralph)

Back into the New Year and into some recording

Thanks to Anth from, I have this great site which he has set up for me to share my music with you. It has really inspired me to get back to start the new year with some recording sessions. I set up my gear late tonight, – which is always the way, and put down the first of a collection of nine songs, which I’m calling “Family”.  My friend, Simon, has made the cover design for me and it looks  like this…



Here is the track I recorded tonight, “Say Goodbye”. I hope you like it. 

Say Goodbye
Say Goodbye

The Nowra Teaclub Sunday Session on 11th Jan 2009

I am really looking forward to heading to Nowra on the weekend to perform at The TeaClub. It is such a picturesque garden with a very relaxed atmosphere. I came across it recently on a regional tour for The Starlight Childern’s Foundation and planned the return trip, just to play at this great venue. I will take some photos of the garden and stage. On our way there we plan to spend a night at the Bush Bank, which is one of the nicest properties I have seen. It is just out of Kiama and is nestled in a small valley among the trees, with grassy paddocks running down to the cliffs. I have often passed it and only recently happily became aware that it was a bed and breakfast. If you can make it to The Teaclub performance on Sunday, the address is 46 Berry Street, Nowra NSW (ph 02 4422 0900). Entry is free and I will be playing in the afternoon from about 2pm.